Two MeetUps

As part of following LYL I joined a pile of Meetups to further my interests and make contacts. Sooner or later there was going to be a scheduling clash, and last Monday I was potentially tripled book. I decided to still go to two of the Meetups.

The first was London Motion, a meetup for Motion Graphic Designers and Animators. It was in the form of a talk and presentation. The speakers were from the design house The Mill and they showed some of their work. An example video can be found here:

One of the things that I took away from the talk, and the general chat in the room is that I am going to have to learn the program Cinema4D.

Ideally I would have stayed after the talk and networked some more, but instead I shot off at the end and went straight to the next Meetup. Which was Live Your Legend Local London.

What was weird about this Meetup is that I recently mentioned on this blog that it hadn’t happened in a while, and then the very next day this meeting was scheduled.

I was, of course, last to arrive. As I was the previous time as well. There was a better group this time with eight people there (and one dog called Mabel). Not a lot I can report about my short time there.

I would like to attend an entire evening one day. And I am also thinking about trying to be involved in the organisation.

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