InfoVis – Cities, Satellites, Suns, Temperature and… Tennis

This is going to be my last post of this kind featuring a random selection of information visualisation and infographics.

I have been choosing items to post on the basis of whether they looked good or the data they showed was interesting. While on a personal level I am interested in all sorts of random pieces of knowledge, on professional level what I am interested is the way in which the information is presented, espcially interactively.

From now on I am going to post only interactive infovis. That is, information visualisation, hopefully innovative, not just some well designed (or in some cases not) graphic.

But before I do that I thought I would still post the final pieces of generic infovis that I had bookmarked

Cities that were at one point the largest in the world

Just about 20 billion suns

Just about 20 Billion suns.

Every active satellite orbiting earth

This interactive shows more than 1,300 and gives details of each including name, purpose, launch date, country of origin and orbital distance.



A simple explanation

A visual history of women’s tennis

Several graphs comparing the women’s number one players.



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