InfoVis – the Tube, immigration, money and Supergraphics

A mix bag of representations of information.

Tuber Map

An interactive Tube map. Lets you select your setting off point and then compare various destinations, showing routes, times and prices. Very intuitive and much better less hassle than TfL’s Journey Planner.

Tuber Map

4 maps that will change how you see migration in Europe

These are just flat maps and nothing cutting edge in the display of information, but they dispel some myths that have been used by Brexiteers.

percentage of immigrant population

How Much Money Have Humans Created?

I have posted a flat infographic about this very topic before, but this is the same information presented in an animated video with a voice over. It certainly gives the information a heavier impression.


These are some very slick graphic visualisations on super human abilities in geometric designs. There are 16 in the album.



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