InfoVis – Global population, trade and deaths, Titanic deaths, city data and TED talks

A real hodge podge of data visualisations.

World Population Density

An interactive map where you can select countries for further information presented in graphs.


Global Goods Trade

An animated map which shows the flow of goods trade. You can select individual countries to show only their trade.


20th Century Death

A flat infographic categorising all the major causes of death the the 20th Century.


Surviving the Titanic

An infographics showing the fates of all the people on the Titanic, either individually, or categorised by class or crew.


The art of gentrification: city data made beautiful

Some cool infographics representing various data about cities.


TED Talks data

An interactive presentation where you can explore TED talks by general or specific topic, speaker or alphabetically.!/vizhome/TEDTalks-IdeasWorthSharing/TED-IdeasWorthSpreading


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