I keep adding interesting pieces of Information Visualisations to this blog, but in blocks of randoms posts. This section is an attempt to organise their content into related groups, with the hope that relevant pieces can be found when searched for.

World Maps

Visualisations based on the map of the world.

World Data

Infovis about the world, each which cover many countries.


Infovis about war.

Country & City

Infovis about an individual country or city.


Not Earth based.


Infovis about various popular media.


None of the above. Includes a section on Sociology.

Page & Quotes

Interesting webpages which themselves are repositories of InfoVis. And a collection of quotes about data.

I have posted some pictures lifted from their original websites as I know from experience links die, and so my comments about the links will become obsolete. However, I have included the original links, and I encourage you to visit them. In most cases there is lots more to read on the linked page than I’ve included here.