Country & City

This is an archive of the InfoVis using data about countries and cities that I found on web and have featured in my blog.

Tuber Map

An interactive Tube map. Lets you select your setting off point and then compare various destinations, showing routes, times and prices. Very intuitive and much better less hassle than TfL’s Journey Planner.

Tuber Map

 How do the Spanish spend their money?

This is an article from the Spanish newspaper El Pais (in Spanish). But there is an interactive pie chart which I found interesting.

The categories on the inner ring (in decreasing order) are: Housing, water, electricity and other fuel; Food and non-alcoholic drink; Transport; Hotels, cafes and restaurants; Other goods and services; Leisure, shows and culture; Clothes and footwear; Furniture, furnishings and housing maintenance; Health; Communications; Alcohol and tobacco; Education.

Spanish spending

Two Centuries of US Immigration

This interactive shows where from and when immigrants went to the US. You can let it just play through the years or use the slider yourself.

US Immigration

Slavery in the US

These maps show the spread of slavery in the United States 1790-1870. Each map is accessed by rolling over the year. The maps are plotted by population density and not by the usual, and misleading, method of plotting by county.


Berlin House numbers

Berlin is chaos when it comes to the numbering of houses. A chaos that has grown with the city. In 1799 the buildings were numbered for the first time – in a horseshoe manner. Not a good idea for a city that is growing. Only in 1929 did they convert to a zigzag principle. This map illustrates Berlin’s history – from Prussia division and reunification until today.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 14.46.48

Trains in the Ukraine

Not really fitting with the world theme. A visualisation of the journeys that trains make across and within the Ukraine. The website is in Ukrainian (or possibly Russian). But just click links and things happen.


Age of Dutch buildings

In this interactive website you can zoom into any part of The Netherlands and see how old each individual building is.


An interactive webpage where you enter a surname and it maps places in the UK where that surname has a historically unusually high local population. My surname is Tyson and this maps precisely the area in Cumbria that my father’s family comes from.


A Guide to Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria

A fairly simple table outlining a fairly complicated situation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.06.07