This is an archive of the InfoVis using data about various media that I found on web and have featured in my blog.

TED Talks data

An interactive presentation where you can explore TED talks by general or specific topic, speaker or alphabetically.!/vizhome/TEDTalks-IdeasWorthSharing/TED-IdeasWorthSpreading



Musicmap attempts to provide the ultimate genealogy of popular music genres, including their relations and history. It is a highly detailed, interactive graphic which shows all the interconnections between various genres of music. There are various links to click and when you zoom in (mouse wheel or zoom buttons) there is so much more detail. Each genre has it’s own slide-in description with examples.


The Most Profane Artists in Hip-Hop

This is several interactive graphs showing the use of swear words in American hip hop. There is one graph showing who swears the most, with Salt-n-Pepa, Will Smith and (surprisingly) Run DMC right down the bottom. Another graph where you can select which swear word (all asterisked out) and by which region of the US.


An Analysis of The Beatles

An interactive graphic which shows which Beatle wrote the most songs, what the songs are about and how big was their vocabulary.

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