This is an archive of the InfoVis (that I can’t categorise elsewhere) that I found on web and have featured in my blog.


Causes of death

This interactive graph shows the proportion of deaths of Americans at age of death. You can choose to see various division of the society by gender and race. It animates nicely between the various views.


The best—and worst—places to be a working woman

An interactive graph by the Economist where you can vary the weighting of the factors that determine what ranking each country gets for the opportunity it gives to women.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 13.41.42

 Who Marries CEOs, Doctors, Chefs and Janitors

An interactive chart from Bloomberg Business. It lists more than 400 occupations which you can rollover and see which other occupations these people are most likely to marry. The occupations are arranged by which are likely to be done by which gender, and the connecting lines show which gender of which occupations is marrying which. The above picture does not do it justice, you need to visit the site.

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Surviving the Titanic

An infographics showing the fates of all the people on the Titanic, either individually, or categorised by class or crew.



Information about information – that’s so meta

Wikimapper is an interactive web page which maps the connections between related Wikipedia articles. You enter the topic you want to start on and then click the related links to create a linkages diagram.

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History Timeline

This History Timeline is an interactive website which shows hundreds of historic people on a timeline going back thousands of years. You can view the people by geography and occupation.

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