World Maps

This is an archive of the infographics using world maps that I found on web and have featured in my blog.

20th Century Death

A flat infographic categorising all the major causes of death the the 20th Century.


International Number Ones

Because every country is good at something.

international number ones

Cities that were at one point the largest in the world

World population distribution by latitude and longitude 2015


Most common last names by country

Possibly this should be “surname” not last name.

 Age of Consent by Country

A flat map showing just that. Ages range between 12 to 21.


Why the former USSR has far fewer men than women

A flat map and article outlining the gender disparity throughout the world. Interestingly, through the visualisation you can see the male bias through North Africa, Middle East and Asia.


Beyond the Sea

What’s really across the ocean from you when you look straight out? It’s not always the place you think. This website has maps of all the places across the ocean that are “straight across” from points on the coastline.


Mapping the online world

This map represents each country by the size of it’s top level domain’s usage on the internet.


Economic Growth Over the Coming Decade

Shows exactly what it says. Countries are sized by their predicted growth and not their geograpical area. Interestingly Australia has the least predicted growth.


 What does it mean?

This image offers a translation of each country’s name into what it really means.


Isochronic distances

Someone has updated the 1914 map of travel time from London to the current day. Instead of taking over 40 days to reach all the places in the world, it now takes a little over one and a half days.


Another update (or should that be downdate) to the London isochronic map. This time set in the 17th Century.