World Data

This is an archive of the infographics using data about the world that I found on web and have featured in my blog.

4 maps that will change how you see migration in Europe

These are just flat maps and nothing cutting edge in the display of information, but they dispel some myths that have been used by Brexiteers.

percentage of immigrant population


All the money in the world, in one chart. That’s (possibly) more than $1.6 quadrillion. I’ll repeat that: 1,600,000,000,000 dollars.



The world recently reached 7 billion people in the world. On this page you can see every single one of us. One by one.


 The Cost of Housing around the World

The mortgage and rent index of countries around the world. Mortgage index refers to the percentage one must spend of their income to afford their mortgages. Rent index refers to the percentage of average rent as compared to the rent in New York City. All data is based on highly populated metropolitan areas in each country.

Essentially a bar chart, line chart and histogram where the x-axis has been wrapped into a circle. But I like it.


 An Unconventional Look at the European Map

Europe has 46 independent states, and is divided politically in particular ways. But each organisation has its own opinion on that division. This website explores those divisions.


Climate of Cities

This is graph plots the mean temperature of warmest months against coldest months for various cities and divides the result by climate.


Taxing Wages

A graph of how taxes as a percentage of wage compare between countries around the world.


If the world’s population lived like…

This shows how much of the world we would need if the entire world lived all the same way as one particular city or country lives.


Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe

A good diagram showing the relationship between all of the languages in Europe. Not sure if this diagram originated from the linked website or elsewhere.


Sizing Up the Tallest Skyscraper of 2015

Shows which are the tallest buildings in the world at the moment. It also offers analysis of the buildings completed in 2015 and historically.


A world of languages

Graphs all the mother tongues in the world and the countries in which they are spoken. I’ve seen this graphic before and I really like it. But it’s not perfect, as the comments before point out, if you look at the area of German, where is Austria etc. Below is just a preview, click the link see the whole thing.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.34.03