Country & City

This is an archive of the infographics using data about countries and cities that I found on web and have featured in my blog.

The art of gentrification: city data made beautiful

Some cool infographics representing various data about cities.


Australia’s Population Map & Generational Profile
A nice PDF infographic showing up-to-date stats about Australia’s population and some historic data.


New Zealand flag referendum: where did the votes end up?

This image shows how many New Zealanders voted for which alternative in the first round of votes in their referendum to change their flag. Preferentials votes are then reassigned on voters preference.


The comings and goings of unemployment and inflation since 2002

A graph of the economic situation in Brazil over the last two presidents, Lula and Dilma. What started with the hope of Lula has descended into the despair of Dilma’s second term. This graph is in Portuguese, but to understand it all you need to know is that inflação = inflation, and desemprego = unemployment.ção-desde-2002

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.05.50

Roads to Rome

A project which maps all the roads in Europe that lead to Rome. It has then done similar treatments for places called Rome in the US, and then US state capitals and European national capitals. There is a section on the internal workings of cities, and surprisingly it shows that inner London has a fairly efficient road system to find a fairly direct (if not rapid) route.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.22.02

Energy consumption of France

An infographic by the Cass Business School of UCL. This map shows the energy consumption in 22 regions of France as a ‘stenomap’.



Airbus vs Buckingham Palace

The other day I was watching a documentary about the Airbus A380. It stated that the Airbus was taller than Buckingham Palace. So I investigated further. I found that it is probably only a few inches taller than Buckingham Palace, both standing at 24 metres. But what about the other dimensions? The frontage of Buckingham Palace (the bit that the public can see) is 108m wide, whereas the A380 has a wingspan of 80m.

I put together a side by side comparison. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. The A380 typically seats 525 passengers, but has the potential for a maximum of 853.


Travel times

Not the most ground breaking piece of information design, but an attempt by Transport for London to keep its customers informed. Guess what time I have to travel to work?


How crowded is London?

Two visualisations that compare London’s population with other parts of the world.

Five maps that quantify exactly how rammed London is

Shows how many other cities or countries you could fit into London.


Why London isn’t as overcrowded as you think

visualises the population density of London compared to other major cities, and really London is not that bad.


The Role of Gender in Urban Cycling

An infographic by the Cass Business School of UCL. Basically mapping the Boris Bikes’ journeys taken by gender (blue for men, red for women). Wow! Boris Bikes are predominantly used by men!