First post

So I have recently quit my job and I am following a career development website called “Live Your Legend”. There is an associated paid course, which I’m yet to take the plunge. But all the advice that I am getting off LYL has kept me very busy for the last few weeks.

One of its pieces of advice was to start a blog. And its challenge is to write for ten minutes everyday. Fortunately they say they will give me a prompt every day for 7 days. Today’s prompt is: “Tell us your story. Write a few sentences about your story/background, why you decided to start a blog and what you hope to get out of it. Add in something unique an interesting from your story too!”

My story…

I was born at a very early age… ha ha.

My name is Acb, pronounced A C B. I think I have a unique name in the world, and no I won’t explain why.

I’m from Australia but have lived in London for 16 years. Australia feel very small when I go there. I work in the design industry. I have worked for many years in print, and then about 6 years ago started moving over to web and more recently animation.

My question to myself by doing the LYL course is “what do I want to be when I grow up”. I feel that I have been very lazy with my career. I have taken a lot of the easy choices. I know that I am very intelligent. I know this because a) I always maxed out classes at school/uni, and b) people I work with quickly learn that if they don’t know something that I will (or I can quickly work out how to know it).

But I feel I have been lazy with this intelligence. I could have done more. Being an artworker for corporate reports is not a particularly stretching experience. But it has allowed me to live a comfortable life and to go travelling a lot.

They say that writing a blog will start to focus my thoughts, my ambition. I certainly hope so. I was an artworker by default (I felt), and I know from my experiences at my recent left workplaces, that I am quite capable at a whole lot of other things. I can think very laterally, and problem solve, in areas which I’m supposedly not qualified.

So to finish today… some unique and interesting about me…

In a world of 7 billion people, can anyone be that unique. Well I suppose everyone is, but what I mean is remarkable.

I suppose the thing that many people find is, as mentioned, my ability to think laterally. Think outside the box. It gives me an odd sense of humour. And often this means people think I’m strange, even my very best friends. Which I don’t mind. So I’m hoping that the interesting thing about me is intelligence and humour.

First post finished.

Zeroth post

OK, I’ve started this blog. The aim is to write for 10 minutes everyday.

However this first post has taken literally hours. I could probably have set up a custom web site faster than this WordPress site. Lots of things that weren’t obvious. And then when I did work it out, I couldn’t customise it easily. I completely change ‘themes’ after being frustrated with the first one I chose. Still not happy with this theme.

I am hoping in the long run it will quicker that I just use WordPress to write, click and post. And after a while I’m sure I can tinker with the back end workings to get it to what I want. But in the first case, just writing…

So, I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee and then do my official first post.

Just like Earth, only more so…